Hot Water Spring

Badrinath Tapt Kund & Narad Kund

Badrinath temple and its Vicinity areas have access to many natural thermal springs. The most popular springs are Tapt Kund, Suraj Kund and Narad Kund. The tradition is prevalent since generations to take bath in these hot spring i.e., water kunds, before proceeding for the prayer to Shri Badrinathji temple. These kunds are known for the religious and medicinal value associated to them.



Tapt Kund

This kund is situated just below the temple, the point is Sangam Point i.e., where river meets i.e., Alaknanda and Rishi Ganga rivers, this thermal spring of hot sulphurous water has pure and freshwater pool. The bathing area, 16.1/2 feet by 14.1/4 feet, has separate area for men and women. Usually the normal temperature is 55°c, the water temperature keeps on variating durng the day and is known for the medicinal. A holy dip here is considered to be a good cure for skin and respiratory diseases.



Narad Kund

Located in proximity to Tapta Kund, this kund is said to be the recovery source of the Badrinath idol. The hot water springs is associated with Garur Shila which is beneath and water flows into the tank. This has great medicinal value. Suraj Kund in Badrinath and Gauri Kund in Kedarnath are known for the medicinal value.


Avoid staying more than 5min inside the kund in order to avoid any dizziness.

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