Solo Female Travelers to India

If you are single and Solo Female traveler in India whether on a holiday or a business trip, it is most likely you would come across fair share of strange experiences. There’s Mr. Dicy who eyes you experienced and came across the breakfast buffet or Mr. Creeky who follows you to your room or Mr. Weird who randomly tries to get into the conversation. Indeed, these types of men are all too familiar if you have been travelling alone.


At India this prevalence is best understood and  few hotels and tourism authorities have taken measures to safeguard the woman interest and have come up with the themes of only woman floors at the hotels , woman theme tours Read on to know more about which hotel to stay in if you’re a woman in India travelling alone.


Hence, you need to prepare, plan, set aside budgets.

For the upcoming June, July six destinations for you to visit, all chosen on the basis of their Memorable and Thematic Factor during the monsoon months and – most important – safety for solo travel. With that, we bring you the 6 destinations worth visiting for female travelers. Keep Umbrellas ready.


Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu)

Coorg (Karnataka)

Munnar (Kerala)

Udaipur (Rajasthan)



Ringa ringa roses pocket full of foses – so catch up with all or refer August September theses with us and add up some more iconic locations. If you find something missing please call us for the queries and updates.


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