Travel Tips of Rajasthan

Rajasthan as a tourist destination is popular among st the tourist because of its vibrant colors and hospitality. The Region follows and believe in the phrase “Athithi Devo Bhavo” which means Guest is God since he/she is source of livelihood and we must offer the best to them as the regional economy is surviving on tourism.


Rajasthan has lot to offer to the tourist like food, textiles, leather, embroidery, colourful cloths, puppet show, desert safari and festivity all around. NTP India Tourism offers some travel tips for the tourist.


Climate In Rajasthan :- The climate is  extreme in Rajasthan where it is hot and dry in summers and night temperature is relatively cool in winters. During the summer season we would suggest you wear light cotton cloths, wear hat to reduce sunlight and drink lot of water.

imageedit_3_9659754280The ideal time to visit in Rajasthan is winter time when the days are pleasant and comfortable for the sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Basic Travel points –

Passport and Visa must be kept safe and underhand to show the identification.

Money exchange outlets are limited in Rajasthan.

Government tourist offices are sprawling all around the city so we must keep there contact handy for purposes.

Trip must be planned quite in advance and it s suggestive attend one of the regional destination fair.

Rajasthan is known for its rich flora and fauna so we must plan some sanctuary tour like Darrah Sanctuary, Bhensord Sanctuary, Bharatpur National Park, Kumbhalgarh Santuary, Mount Abu Sanctuary, Keoladeo National Sanctuary, Ranthambore and Sariska Tiger Reserve. While visiting the safari carry insect repellent and ensure permits if any.

Rajasthan is known for the Hospitality with wide range of Thematic Heritage hotels and luxury beyond imagination to a comfortable home stay with economy and budget

Rajasthan is well known for shopping with vibrant colors and prints all around for cloths and floral hand made jewelry and other handicrafts. You could do fun with bargain and shopping.

There are festivals in every village and township of Rajasthan through out the year and we should follow at least one of it in order to best enjoy the location.

Rajasthan Road network, rail and air is excellent so you could reach the destination within your budget and time.


Travel cautions

  1. Avoid hugging  any stranger for you might get frisked
  2. Use chains and to secure your belongings
  3. Ensure you eat and drink water since it has hot climate and it is advisable you keep yourself hydrated
  4. Medicine should be kept under hand
  5. Avoid accept food from strangers and road side unhygienic locations and buy it only from good hygienic location around you
  6. Avoid staying outside for late nights.
  7. Ensure you are  alert while on  traveling


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