India: First Choice Healthcare Destination

Over the period of time, India has developed to become a first choice destination for medical tourism with true premiere value since it has a wide array of reasons that determines the overall quality and reason of care as India Destination. Imagine a complex surgical procedure being done in a world class global hospital by acclaimed medical specialists at a one fifth to one tenth cost of what it normally takes! That’s India. There are several reasons that encourage India as first choice like range of procedures and treatment options, infrastructure and skilled manpower, quality of therapy & above all the medical procedures are  performed with no  waiting time, the reasons & list of plus points of travelling to India for medical treatment in India are many for the patients and prescribed guiders to India


Why India? The key for successful healthcare solutions:

Facilities available in India

The high quality healthcare system in India is as impressive and authentic as available in the world. India has set a high level of accreditation system but also a big number of accredited facilities (275 such facilities that match any global availability and system). India has (22) of JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals as compared with the other countries in Asian network. These approved hospitals in India facilities & care match the global standards.

Global Standard technologies

Most competitive & world standard technology to act as support / infrastructure of medical diagnostics and medical procedures are planned by specialists in the medical fraternity. Top notch accredited hospitals have invested in technology and operative techniques & continue to strive for world competition, recently India is looking forward to the Robotics technology. Complicated & Tough surgeries- heart , cancer care, neuro and even general surgeries require high-end technology are progressing with cutting edge technology with excellent results, minimum complications, ensure faster recovery and minimum stay at the hospital. The new technology in radiation surgery or radio therapies, robotic surgeries, (Apollo, Fortis etc.) with cyber knife stereotactic (Medanta) options, IGRT/ IMRT, transplant systems, High end neuro and spinal options (Spine Hospital Lajpat Nagar Delhi) are available  with the specialized hospitals of India . India’s medical authorities & appointed bodies and seasoned medical fraternity specialists doctors are striving hard to compete with themselves and ensure new world standard solutions, always building on Indian Standards.

Best Doctors of India

India is not only excelling with the hospitals that have world-class facilities but a well skilled world-class doctors and medical staff. India has the biggest bouquet of doctors and paramedical pool of South Asia (1.2 million Allopathic doctors. 2 million nurses, 0.17 million dental surgeons,). Many of them are acclaimed  standing as pioneers around the world. India’s medical history spans thousands of years through Ayurveda and alternative medicine forms like Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy Which has encouraged the formation of Ayushman Bharat Yojana It refers to the Department of AYUSH. There are 0.8 million formally registered trained Ayurveda doctors. the ministry had long worked for integrating the different systems of AYUSH with modern medicine,  here large number of doctors, with the high level of competency and capability  have let to combination medication with new technology and traditional planning of Innovative line off treatment .It is an excellent way of combining higher quantity leading to higher quality and vice versa.  So, If it is essential to Communicate with the doctors for the combination therapies for the long term results, this would help In the customization of the Patient treatment combining Yoga & Wellness techniques.


Financial Savings

High Standards & Personalised Attention is the major factor to attract the Patients to India  . However, personalized attention & services are always within the budget of the clients and come complementary with the package.  Most important Quality is foreseen at an affordable price .The Edge over the others can be seen with the treatments like leukaemia where the difference in price is steep up to 15-20% For other treatments and surgeries , it is sometimes half in comparison to the  Western countries and 70to 80 percent of what is budgeted & charged in other South Asian medical destinations. The overall 600,000 plus people who visit into India from other countries can see affordable cost and uncompromised services with 24 x 7 assistance pre –during and after the treatment with after they return support. This helps the patient and family to regain all back.

Fast Track – No Waiting Time

Immediate and quick attention for the treatments and immediate surgeries and all interventions with 100% logistics and back up availabilities are assured in India. In some countries getting an appointment for bypass surgery or a planned angioplasty may take almost 4-6 months & the cost is very high whereas in It is zero waiting time because of meticulous planning availability of resource like hospitals, doctors and trained medical staff – for any procedure, be it heart surgery, kidney care, cancer treatment, neuro-spinal procedure, cosmetic surgeries, dental,  knee/hip/joint replacements, weight loss surgery etc.

Understanding the Pulse of the Situation

Indians have this feeling of blood “Atithi Devo Bhava” i.e., Guests are God so no need to give any separate training , this is in the blood of healthcare personnel , that makes India the first choice of Medical Tourism. Most Important people are multilingual and major percentage is conversant in English . Hospitals have back up on interpreters in order to ensure best communication.

Progressive & Positive Medical Stem system

Indian Upright, progressive and Positive approach on time to time basis, lead to medical growth, planning and implementation, like Arogaya Setu these days focusing on COVID-19 and similar such programs are planned to take care of mental, physical and overall health of mankind.


In India people are progressive and positive – here they lit the light of sensitivity and IQ to surge ahead with a pragmatic approach, keeping in mind the wellbeing of the society and socio economic system.

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