How do Hemant K Sharma CEO / Mentor NTP Healthcare Foresee Medical Travel

Since 1986 NTP Healthcare, have experience in the medical travel sector, Mentor/ Senior Director Hemant K. Sharma foresee the market post COVID 19 phase, with his experience in the industry of more than three decades on the following line –

The pandemic is known to the world since October 2019 & November 2019 beginning only & with the media hype in January/ February 2020 it has become fear for all the people and business ventures. Now gradually we can observe the effect on the mankind, economy and survival of the business. Gradually the whole system is realizing importance of all the things & ensuring pragmatic approach in life & business scaling. Henceforth, Medical based travel scenario would change totally and would surely get affected at all the market / company statures.


The start-ups or small units would really find it tough to sustain the show due to limited cash flow, expenses, no marketing and limited manpower (if any existent would get dropped), and all this would lead to overall survival crisis. It is actually tough for them to restart the business which will result in “COVLoss” and no survival.

The mid segment medical travel units: This usually holds small size team with minimum expenses and is in best position. They would consider this “COVLoss” as another phase of crisis; they would reduce the team, their expenses and marginalize advertising and other expenses. They will be more particular in holding grip of their business by downsizing overall expenses and cruise through this phase of loss.

The big & well-established units of Medical Tourism: they include big staff, large clinics, hospitals, hospital groups and the big units who have big investments in an international patient proposition and have gained big revenues pre-Coronavirus phase. They are most resilient to a business downturn due to “COVLoss”. It is anticipated they will adopt more pragmatic approach and continue to invest in the business .For them; this phase is another phase of loss and crisis and take leap to an improved and better time if standards are maintained as per the market requisites & quality parameters.


One other group prevail in this whole gamut of investors – They are “market investment Observers” who hold a company & intend investing in a company that have future business prospects “Real observers”. They are utilizing there time wisely with customer interaction, establishing new market, preparing and ensuring recognitions. They are up keeping their data bank with the changing scenario and observing the whole gamut where they are establishing contact with the resource, training the team, planning their business mathematics, searching for the market and ensuring accreditations and protocols. They will observe COVOLoss circumstance and creep into the market when pandemic subside.

Major Outcome – Of such events

** All the medical events which are planned for next 6 months are rescheduled to future dates of 2020 / 2021.

** This has affected not only people to travel for pleasure, medical or professional reasons but also for the reason of country restrictions of gathering and COVO19 contagious reason.

All this have given surge to Technology where knowledge and networking through remote delegation and events will be given priority in order to save on money and less interaction in person with the people, which will surely affect future travel events.

– NTP Kailash Groups Postponed to 2021 and so are the Holiday Plans.

– All medical travel patients’ enquiries either fizzled out or postponed to future dates depending upon the Medication and concerns.

** All plans are postponed in anticipation to Plan recovery post COVID 19. I feel the overall perception of global humans is that like any other epidemic, fever, political crisis, natural calamity even COVID 19 will pass through but we cannot anticipate the date.


This is also heard through researches & sources these days that NOW Covid19 would go to peak in future months and then sublime by year end and we all will have new leaf of Medical, Pilgrimage or Leisure travel with new leaves on trees, better air & water, limited pollution and well maintained hospitals & clinics where all will be sold at a competitive cost & high hygiene standards with no waiting time, personal care & attention.

Now only best and well managed medical travel destinations would be given health priority after COVID 19 phase and will be called as “Safe medical destinations” like INDIA and others where government , corona warriors are giving there 100% to ensure patient and community survival . Hence the first yield of post COVID19 epoch – Medical Travel patients will be enjoyed by MEDICAL Safe and caring destinations.

What I feel finally after COVID 19 phases the biggest opportunity will be for the accredited companies who have accreditation at the Company level & trained/ experienced manpower. Accreditation & Quality will be criteria – parameter of quality assurance and hygiene, the certifications will play big role.

Hence, we must learn from this COVID19 phase – where the observers & clients will give priority to the quality control, hygiene and monitoring bodies / accreditation at the national level . A line of protocol with fixed guidelines will pave way to become motivation for the service providers so that our destination become safer for the travellers and patients.

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