Wellness & Yoga Tour Packages in India

Wellness & Yoga tour packages in  India

Simplify the Complicated threats of Meditation, Yoga, and Wellness

Mindful living with positive thinking are some of the simple mantras to be adapted to make life beautiful. Yoga and Astrology have navigated us to the various path that guides us to the combination of body and mind fit human being  whereby keeping body fit, mind peaceful, and an energetic Purusha (life force/ aatma) is the key mantra of wellness and the light/tej can be felt in our aura.

Five elements, five senses and five major organs and many fives make our life i.e., panch tatva Structural Formation of Five Elements

> The origin of air is said to be derived from the

> Ether and it happens to be omnipresent.

> The fire element has its roots in the air and hence it is denser than air.

> Water derives its establishment from fire and has a higher density than fire.

> The highest density amongst all the five elements of the cosmos is found in the EarthThe Earth is said to be derived from water.

Each atom of an element is derived from these Pancha tattvas..

 The amalgamation of these five elements provides a broad spectrum to each and every object and being in the universe. It not only makes it diverse but also gives it an exceptional dimension.

Wellness& Yoga tour packages in India

All the cosmic consciousness and spirit contains these five elements as an integral part of their existence. It is an understatement, that a lot of it is borrowed from Yogic science and some new frontiers and research knowledge make it to utilize the best way forward. A new integrative approach, a Panch Mantra Wellness comes forward with this philosophy, which all we want to adopt and have developed higher sense with the prevalence of COVID19 (where everybody got the opportunity to introspect and read once own desires and necessities of life)

The above five pillars of our philosophy are taken into consideration by adopting appropriate movement i.e., asana and body postures and their importance in routine, deeper breathing, adequate relaxation like prayanam and other breathing exercises, wholesome fresh food, and good thoughts (riotous thinking process), in order to ensure balanced living. These five principles need further elaboration, and further to delve deeper into it. These points are taken deeper into our discussions at our resorts which are thematically planned with the guidelines of the ministry of health so that they are able to promote lifestyle and appropriate living habits that cultivate right living.

Wellness& Yoga tour packages in India1

Meditation, Yoga, Massage, and other therapies like singing, music, etc. are developed as pillars for better planning our way of life. The benefits are numerous if planned and adopted appropriately. The essential key is that focused attention towards one’s own self and in silence gives which yet nothing else is able to provide. Adopted from the Vedas science and Ayurveda have developed en number of techniques to cater to all needs.India is developed as a hub of wellness and Ayurveda with several destinations like Rishikesh, Dharamshala, Tamilnadu. Kerala, Tamilnadu, Goa, and many more …

Our aim with the Wellness Packages is to make them an eye-opener for you by making them a beautiful way to discover the benefits of meditation, wellness, and Ayurveda and encourage them to become a way of life with no side effects & healthy living. It’s a practice that you can start at any time anywhere at any point in your life.

** We offer solo and Group Meditation, Yoga, and Wellness packages

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